Hello! I’m a freelance Illustrator-Artist, from Llanelli, South Wales. Currently I’m based in Lagos, Portugal, living in the van I share with my partner Matthew. I work from a desk in our van, coffee shops, beach benches or wherever I can, enjoying the freedom that comes with freelancing whilst learning from the unpredictability and fluidity of working on the road. Having grown up and then studied just a short drive from the Gower, my creative work has always been heavily inspired by the beautiful coast. I like to document the beauty I see, as well as the feelings and emotions that are tied to the places I go, subsequently creating something unique to my own perspective. I think you can see from my work that I don’t attempt to create an exact/accurate representation…instead, I like to allow my imagination to lead the way and create what it wants rather than trying to conform to what I or others might expect.



  • September 22nd -November 4th 2018 La Vigie, Surf Art Gallery, Biscarrosse France

  • December 1st 2017-Feb 1st 2018 Peg 2 Cafe, Mumbles

  • November 2017 Llanelli House, Llanelli

  • October 2017 (2 weeks) Volcano Theatre, Swansea

  • July 2016 New Designers, London

A few (of many) things I love …

  • Finding new coffee shops wherever I go. If I feel comfortable, I’ll drink lots of coffee and spend hours drawing, reading or writing.

  • Magazines, one of the only things I collect (I’m not talking cosmopolitan) A few of my faves: Flow, Oh Comely, Roam, Backwash and Cereal.

  • Pressing flowers

  • Waking up slowly

  • Being comfortable & warm

  • Glitter

  • Surfing, (especially) clean longboard-able waves

  • Not having to wear a wetsuit - warm water is bliss

  • Film photography / taking polaroid pictures

  • Journaling

  • Chocolate - I am 100% addicted

  • Attempting to keep my plants alive

  • Buying art supplies

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This is a place for me to share my thoughts, experiences and perspectives. I also document my adventures through illustration and a little photography. I’ve done a range or projects, both personal and professional. But my aim and passion is for the two to be combined! This is a piece of me.



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