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Testing out our new home


Over the summer we lived in our van in a campsite, here in France. Matthew was lifeguarding for about 4 months, so we set up camp, put up a storage / food tent next to us (which the squirrels spent all summer destroying) and we lived in our van. It was relatively easy, almost luxurious. We had extra space with the tent so I could store canvases, lots of paint, plenty of food, tools, a fridge, bikes etc. In terms of comfort, it was a pretty smooth transition from sleeping in a house to the van. (Especially since the house we were previously living in was a poorly heated, run down and occasionally rat infested student house in Swansea). So after a summer in Biscarrosse, the next step was to live in the van whilst on the move. So we planned a trip after the season ended, and decided to head to Portugal. (In reality this trip was only about 5 weeks long, so we’ve still not lived in it fully - but that’s still to come.)

Our trip took us to many places along the coast of Portugal, heading all the way South to the Algarve. We then ventured north quickly to spend our last few days in Galicia, Spain before heading back to France in time for my 26th birthday (I’d like to say i’m embracing ageing fearlessly but that would be a lie - it scares me!)

Anyway, back on track … I decided to document a lot of our journey via drawing, writing and photography.

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Taken on a 35mm Olympus OM30


As you can see, I didn’t draw when we went to Galicia … my next challenge is to draw even when i’m cold!

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Taken on a 35mm Olympus OM30

Rhosanna Lowe