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Whatever the Weather

When I was younger, if a day out had been planned, no amount of wind or rain could persuade my parents to reschedule. The result - endless memories of walking on the Gower in the pouring rain. 

This is how it would go, we'd wake up, it would be raining (of course) myself and three siblings would hope the day out had been cancelled ... never the case. We'd refuse to bring clothing to go in the sea, why would anyone go in the sea in such bad weather?! We'd arrive at the beach, walk against the wind and rain, moaning. My little brother would then proceed to run, fully clothed into the sea...and yes, we followed! We'd then quickly walk back to the car, drenched and struggling to hold onto our heavy jeans. We'd jump in the car, shivering but smiling, wrapped in spare jumpers and of course, the towels my parents knowingly brought.This happened - a lot! It doesn't sound too appealing, but is one of my fondest childhood memories, because despite the moaning, and the rain, it was fun! Being outside whether it rained or not, was always better than staying in and watching telly. 

Perhaps this is the reason why, as I get older, I continue to have many adventures in less than ideal weather.

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Prompted by the opportunity to receive some free clothing from a great brand Silverstick; myself, Matthew and two friends Aidan and Hamish undertook a Gower adventure. We recieved t-shirts, hoodies, socks and a hat to wear whilst doing the things we love! Once planned, the weather couldn't possibly stop us, we were too excited. 

We spent three days, staying in my caravan in Llanmadoc. During the day we looked for spots to surf. We surfed Caswell, it was shoulder high, cross shore and pretty windy, not perfect conditions but with a long period it was manageable on a longboard. The second surf was at Oxwich, my first time surfing there and I loved it. Offshore and small, perfect for the longboard. We attempted to build fires but struggled to find dry wood. We went for a long walk in the forests by Llanmadoc, sheltered from the rain, it was beautiful. In the evenings we wrapped up warm, cooked together, chatted and watched surf films! 

Despite being fun, it wasn't smooth. The van got stuck in the mud (I got it stuck), it took not one but two tractors to pull it out! We couldn't make a fire and Aidan felt ill so couldn't spend all three days with us. BUT, it was amazing to be free for a while. Free from university, internet, people and responsibility. Whatever the weather, it was sweet.  

Rhosanna Lowe