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Slowing down

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A few months ago, just before going for a surf, Matthew met a guy called Djo Djokkos. A really talented wildlife photographer who wanted to know more about the sea. So, Matthew explained a little about how the ocean works and Djo then filmed him and created a little edit. This led to Matthew and I being invited to spend some time with Djo and his girlfriend Emilie in Ariege, a department in the Midi - Pyrenees region. We decided to go, eager for a little adventure and keen to use the opportunity to get some photos of the clothing we were given by Silverstick. A company that's passionate about producing high quality, eco conscious clothing for the outdoors. Exactly what we're interested in! 

We were made to feel completely at home and comfortable; croissants, bread and coffee set out as we arrived (so French) filling us up before our first excursion. Djo, Emilie and their friends (who were also visiting), really impressed us. With their incredible hospitality, kind nature and eagerness to show us the places they find beautiful. 

We walked in the mountains. Looked for wildlife (especially Marmottes). Relaxed. Ate delicious food. Painted. Drew. Swam in a river. Listened to Djo and Emilie as they sang and generally took our time (something we don't do so often in Biscarrosse...or Swansea).

I've found myself to be completely inspired and excited by the prospect of creating new art. These pieces are quite new for me, using watercolours, a brush pen (which I bought when I was in London-SO happy I actually like it because they're not so cheap) and then editing on Photoshop. The colours are definitely brighter and a little more trippy than I'd usually use - they were fun to create! 

It was so good to slow down a little and to just think and enjoy the company of new friends. Slowing down is something I really appreciate, something I'm not always good at but absolutely LOVE and need. 

Part of what made the trip not only worth it but special was that Djo gave Matthew advice. He taught him a few things and pretty quickly his photography went up a level. Here are a few of my favourites from the trip. 

Rhosanna Lowe