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Môr Glas

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Almost a year ago, my friend Hamish approached me with an idea to work together on a project, with support from Ben Martin who runs Johnny on the Spot (check it out!) We decided to exhibit our work and to create a coffee table book filled with my illustrations and Hamish's photographs of our time spent on the Gower. A relatively easy and inspiring task, considering most weeks we spent as much time as possible surfing and exploring the coast. At this point I was known (and laughed at) by friends in university for always drawing or painting a wave, the sea, or something blue...a common theme. 

To add a little background, Hamish, myself and Matthew became friends through surfing. He wanted to get to the beach to practice his surf photography and Matthew and I were surfing regularly and had space in the van. We were keen to have some pictures and really keen to spend more time with Hamish. Our journeys were and still are, filled with conversations about the state of the world, creativity, potential projects and pretty much anything we find interesting and worth sharing. Matthew from the beginning was very much involved creatively but also, as you can see from the images, he was a pretty key feature in both Hamish's photos and my illustrations. 

Fast-forward to now, we've had our exhibition at Volcano and have started selling the book. The opening night was a huge success with 70+ people showing their support. Our good friends Ophelia, Dom and Joe performed some live music and afterwards we headed into town for an afterparty organised by Matthew in La Cantina. Thank you everyone who came and supported us all! We felt pretty loved.

You can have a quick preview of the book we made here !

Rhosanna Lowe