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From one inspiring place to another


A few weeks ago I went to London to showcase my work in an event called New Designers. Myself, as well as some people from my course were chosen to display our work. Having paid to fly back from France to spend 5days in London, prioritising the event over graduation, I hoped that I would feel it was worth it. It definitely was. 

I realised going in that the competition was pretty big with so many graduates displaying their work SO I decided to make the most of London, see lots of friends and family, visit endless coffee shops and eat really good food. Allowing me to return to France with fresh inspiration, regardless of whether I picked up any work or interest from the event. 

I returned to France having experienced all of the above, feeling really surprised and grateful. Next year I'll have a 2week placement with Hallmark & Tiger, and in the meantime I have a load of ideas, many of which were thought up whilst visiting London. 


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Rhosanna Lowe