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This is Matthews caravan - our home for the summer! Supportive as always, when I asked if I could paint it, he didn't even hesitate in saying yes :) 

I wanted to paint something with meaning, not just a pretty picture but a piece that would express how I feel right now about what's going on in the UK and across the world (let's be honest-it's crap!)

SO, to keep it short, this piece is about unity. It's about allowing and embracing difference. It doesn't have to be negative but can be incredibly beautiful. The two flowers in the top corners represent difference, initially I was focussing specifically on refugees, I want more than anything that we accept and embrace these people. But I think it also applies to people with differences in culture, sex, race, opinion, orientation, background, belief etc. My point is still the same. Difference is good. The petals are floating away from their original flower, but mixing and combining to create an abundance of beautiful flowers. They do not lose where they came from, but neither do they stay exactly the same, they mix and create something beautiful.

I believe we are better when we work together, when we unite and when we embrace people and their differences. This is what makes our world so beautiful, we are all unique and have something to share. Surely your birthplace should not affect your value. 

I'm sure this may come across as idealistic and/or naive to some, but I hope instead it'll inspire or at least evoke thought... 

Ultimately my biggest belief is that we should treat others as we wish to be treated. If we could think like this, not only as individuals but as a country, every time we made a decision, big or small, perhaps there would be a little less pain all round. 

Rhosanna Lowe