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Van life - essentials


During our most recent trip to France, one of our friends, Will, informed us of his incredibly extensive road trip list. Each trip he makes, he adjusts his list, adding to it or removing items that no longer qualify! The aim is obviously to make road trip packing and road trip life, as efficient as possible. It's not always easy living out of a van, so there's no need to overpack or bring along items that don't prove vital. A pretty good idea! SO, this led to me deciding to not only write but illustrate this list. I struggle to pack light, so let's just say I didn't find this super easy.

Therefore, not everything here is essential, and I may have even missed out some actual essentials (like shampoo...) BUT what's here is what we found to be incredibly important during our road trip. Essential not only to the functionality of our every day life, but essential in our creativity and fun! (hence the mixing decks, paints and cameras) I'm pretty sure I'll be illustrating a part 2 list in the near future :) 

I hope you like it!

Rhosanna Lowe