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Love amongst the thorns

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For the past year I've been working on a project with my mum. She is pretty much the most inspiring, encouraging and creative woman I know...my hero (I grew up hearing my dad refer to my mum as his hero, I loved this) 


My mum, Karen Lowe, had written close to 100 poems (I know - that's a lot!) She wanted to narrow them down and collate them into a book with illustrations. She gave me 75 of the poems and I started reading, putting them into categories and figuring out how many I should illustrate, and more importantly how. I've never really illustrated poetry and so it was definitely new territory! It takes quite a while to read 75 poems, but I was honestly gripped, inspired and at times close to tears. 

The poems are beautiful, raw, sad, honest, brutal and give insight into the many people and places my mum has encountered. For me, they mean so much, because they give a glimpse into her perspective...

A council Plot speaks of where my parents raised myself, three siblings and various other people they welcomed into our lives. 

India - a different view is about a slum right next to a graveyard, in a village that we visited together.

Madams and Mothers relates to mums experiences visiting women in the brothels in Swansea.

Chuffed, one of my favourites, is about an Island my mum has spent a lot of time on, and the wildlife she observed. 

If you'd like to buy the book it's £8 and you can find it at cyfeillion-friends.com

Rhosanna Lowe