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Basque Country Adventure

Having moved to France a couple of months ago, Matthew and I have been adapting to living in our van - and loving it! I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's always been my dream to have a van and to call it home...when I was younger I definitely imagined owning a VW camper but our Ford Transit is everything I've ever hoped for and is definitely a better fit! 

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We're learning to live with less, to adapt to new surroundings and to create a life that we believe in, one that balances work with play. For the moment, Matthew is working weekends as a lifeguard here in Biscarrosse and I'm working as a freelance illustrator, this allows us to adventure a little in-between. So last week we went on a road trip with Vincent, our good friend and Matthews boss. It was beautiful and actually reminded me of the Gower. Winding narrow roads down to the beaches, lots of different spots to surf, so much green with a beautiful rugged coast. In between surfing we napped, read, drew, played cards and I learnt to play with the diablo. We slowed down, didn't work and appreciated being where we were...and being in a new place sparked fresh inspiration.

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Having someone like Vincent to show us round was special; he knows the area so well that it felt like he was showing us round his home. He's friendly and says "bonjour" to everyone he see's...this is something French people are pretty good at, greeting and acknowledging others, but he would always go the extra mile - truly smiling and engaging, taking the opportunity to chat to people as they passed. It was refreshing. And then there's animals - he adores them. It could be a dog, little bird, a donkey...he always takes the time to show them kindness. 

Rhosanna Lowe